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@CLAPgakuen in MAX CLAPgakuen in MAX @CLAPgakuen

[05月24日]のつぶやきをまとめました https://t.co/MW2tmPXHUh

@CBS New York CBS New York @CBSNewYork

#BREAKING: White House announces June 12 summit with Kim Jong Un has been cancelled. More to come... . https://t.co/QOY3JFhKar

@I Love the World Is Amazing I Love the World Is Amazing @nature_lol_usa

Cherry blossom trees in Germany https://t.co/avPHjqoYh8

@Paname Paris 💯 Paname Paris 💯 @ParisAMDParis

Eiffel Tower https://t.co/TsfEzctjbE

@Beauty Of Earth🌍 Beauty Of Earth🌍 @abeautyofearth

Northern lights, Norway https://t.co/EEuGm75WnR

@Kylie Riordan ✨ Kylie Riordan ✨ @mindfulheal

My whole heart fill’s up with peace and love when I say this one word... Namaste 🙏 https://t.co/Mf94ldrjlG

@don Tonio don Tonio @donTonio66

Spiega il bene facendolo, non dicendolo soltanto.

@Tom Hall ☘ Tom Hall ☘ @TomHall

🐌 ☕️ Sliding Full Speed into Thursday. It sure seems like a Monday... More Coffee please!!!! ☕️ 🐌 ☕️… https://t.co/g5ZO7dx1Gm

@CLAPgakuen in MAX CLAPgakuen in MAX @CLAPgakuen

[05月22日]のつぶやきをまとめました https://t.co/ncIq0HmgWB

@CLAPgakuen in MAX CLAPgakuen in MAX @CLAPgakuen

[05月21日]のつぶやきをまとめました https://t.co/Csj3hkY6KU

@CLAPgakuen in MAX CLAPgakuen in MAX @CLAPgakuen

Vietnam says Chinese bombers in disputed South China Sea increase tensions https://t.co/MKwg7pSbNW

@Rhonda Dunn Rhonda Dunn @GizmoSays

Show respect even to people who don't deserve it; not as a reflection of their character, but as a reflection of yo… https://t.co/Mym84ksXx1

@Junko Junko @dct_ihjc

The song heals the mind✨🎶🐦🎶✨ https://t.co/bPVj87is7f

@Paname Paris 💯 Paname Paris 💯 @ParisAMDParis

Pierre Jahan Tour Eiffel Paris 1926 https://t.co/1cXVDUAavD

@Lili Lili @effimera01

What makes you different makes you beautiful. https://t.co/AfMG8awYmV