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@Mark Swain Mark Swain @I_Am_A_Twit_

I hate him so much but what a player. He is a winner, simple as that.

@Mark Swain Mark Swain @I_Am_A_Twit_

I totally agree. Yes he made 2 mistakes, but we could all see how much he was suffering &… https://t.co/6wXtEUQRKw

@Joel Rabinowitz Joel Rabinowitz @joel_archie

A reminder that @LorisKarius is a human being with real feelings and did not intentionally make two bad mistakes (s… https://t.co/xynp5xPaDG

@Mark Swain Mark Swain @I_Am_A_Twit_

But I also feel so so sorry for him.

@Mark Swain Mark Swain @I_Am_A_Twit_

I stood by him. He fully deserved to be number one. He earned it, but tonight just wasn’t good enough.… https://t.co/dW1D6QO5JE

@Brian Moore Brian Moore @brianmoore666

Any fan tempted to say they are more upset than Liverpool keeper Karius they are wrong. It will haunt him in queit… https://t.co/z26ozbWPWg

@Mark Swain Mark Swain @I_Am_A_Twit_

A sad day! If you did actually lose it, maybe.

@Mark Swain Mark Swain @I_Am_A_Twit_

I feel so sorry for Karius, yes he made 2 costly mistakes, but to see him suffering after the match was heartbreaki… https://t.co/NCqVQP8gj5

@Mark Swain Mark Swain @I_Am_A_Twit_

To save anyone time going into an article for absolutely no reason, the answer is no. https://t.co/d1B5cT2Vtz

@Nocryptic Nocryptic @hopeless11noc

Not forgiving Karius & wanting him sold is fine, because you want the best for our club. But that shouldn’t prevent… https://t.co/tQ4zBnBe5l

@Gary Lineker Gary Lineker @GaryLineker

What a ridiculous goal from @GarethBale11. Unquestionably one of the best goals of all time. Here it is if you have… https://t.co/mvOrZEMRix

@Neville Southall Neville Southall @NevilleSouthall

Feel sorry for Karius but it’s how you bounce back I have been there it’s a dark place to be I hope he comes throug… https://t.co/XRwGk2XsKI

@Jan Aage Fjortoft Jan Aage Fjortoft @JanAageFjortoft

Well done @Carra23 Love it #karius https://t.co/Y8ibmMhV78

@Mark Swain Mark Swain @I_Am_A_Twit_

Thanks. I’m very very sad. The mistakes from the keeper are making it harder to accept.

@Rory Smith Rory Smith @RorySmith

I believe there is a clause in Cristiano Ronaldo's contract about other people not being allowed to do that.