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Ilhan Omar married her brother & supports Female Genital Mutilation. She voted against legislation that would have… https://t.co/f6PUwHQ748

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No wonder why kids are eating tide pods. https://t.co/byUPbH6S4V

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I'm pleasantly surprised that a @StarTribune reporter ACTUALLY showed a pic of the woman holding a sign that says "… https://t.co/Mrt84q4naf

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New research finds that MS, the most common inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, may be triggered by… https://t.co/E2BadVEi4B

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All #vaccine research eventually leads to Bill Gates and Nazi #eugenics https://t.co/kT2HIiVXD9 #antivax

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Our movement in Minnesota has a theme song! Thanks to Stuart ! We aren’t going to take it anymore... perfect descri… https://t.co/b70QChEiR1

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Exactly. https://t.co/mMZPbCnmXo

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Kevin flemming w/ George Webb https://t.co/3Dw15qg8Wd

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If prayer in school is unconstitutional, how can government endorse or celebrate any religion? https://t.co/e8dsfgb9yF

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Muslims have a long-term strategy to implement #sharia in towns and cities across the U.S. Watch and listen to how… https://t.co/mznG6BKXWy

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Pesticides, GMO, BPA, hormones... #food #allergies #health https://t.co/kCo8pF6nbe

@Lynn Chastain Lynn Chastain @LynnChastain2

With every bite I take I'm concerned with what they've done to our food.

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ISIS sold women on the streets of #Raqqa. But now Raqqa is free. They dance very well, but they have to work a bit… https://t.co/tI3HWWOjfa

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Dozens of protesters are currently outside Cambridge-Isanti High School where they’re chanting “Ellison Beats Women… https://t.co/7nOf9B9lrm

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@LauraLoomer @AppSame The State government in CA is diabolical.