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Kellyanne Conway Rips Fake News Media For Comparing Child Detention Centers To Concentration Camps… https://t.co/rku3DgAXgA

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My birthday cake :) #BlindedByTheLight https://t.co/3W9TA27TQA

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Happy Birthday!🎉🎊🎂🎁🎈 I have a girl Sam too, and she’s very feisty!😊 Have a wonderful evening!🍾🥂

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I agree. If anyone calls for Rod Rosenstein’s impeachment, they must call for Jeff Sessions’ impeachment as well. R… https://t.co/Myy5eOYY8l

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Bill Clinton says that today he’s thinking about the fathers who are separated from their children when they try to… https://t.co/6Ytqdmjl69

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It started when they asked us what the definition of ‘is,is.’.

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Image #1 we showed you in 2014 https://t.co/GHYfs4a7sO

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Wut https://t.co/8slYIOBN3F

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I'm really tired of men feeling like they can intimidate black women who they don't share political views with... l… https://t.co/noWgttjsyF

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Jeff Sessions ENTIRE STAFF is recused, Please Call @SpeakerRyan 608-752-4050 to #DEMANDRosenstein https://t.co/3MUx6qQNF9

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To those that called me ISIS for holding a gun: I am a PROUD FEMALE VETERAN who married a man that fought 5 combat… https://t.co/Xy64CDvoCw

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Moments ago, @SecNielsen criticized the media and advocacy groups for their commentary about families being separat… https://t.co/hNjlu3sWRX

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You deserve no answer & my behavior requires no justification. I am intimately familiar with children who wish they… https://t.co/0JpcXWOy3k

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Was @JulianAssange a victim of #SpyGate? A plot to frame Assange receiving $1,000,000 from the Russian governent du… https://t.co/FSowXDrbaO

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Unhinged CNN pundit calls for doxing people who disagree with illegal immigration! #CNNisISIS https://t.co/KU17pzM8B5