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What part of the Third Reich was controlled by the electorate? It was socialism to its very core - the fraudulent a… https://t.co/1U3Y0wL0NZ

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How many thousands of assassination threats remain on Twitter to this day while Conservatives have their 120k+ foll… https://t.co/KzuvNpCCh8

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If Democrats are actually winning the midterms, why are social media companies risking 10's of billions in market v… https://t.co/DQMLkrQic2

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@with_integrity (OT) Twitter handle Lycaon @Cynacin was suspended. He had a great rundown of the many problems with… https://t.co/MygcLK631T

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Amazing how @Slate just happened to miss this little detail. https://t.co/DsNR2KHxqt

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The worries of a 16 year old in the U.K. https://t.co/GeESFQZNFB

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A brawl erupted at a Chicago youth basketball tournament Thursday and eventually led to 15 year old high school stu… https://t.co/1BODKBVeJU

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Big Banks Tout Being Pro Gun-Control, So Louisiana Just Took $600 Million Out of Their Hands https://t.co/7GVs4o9ajw


The #Pennsylvania legislature is considering a bill to make not storing #Guns in locked containers, or secured with… https://t.co/cgeysNnFHY

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Obama Appointees Stripped Security Clearance from Man Who Got Too Close to Anti-Trump Spy Ring https://t.co/C1I8jYuG5z

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Looking for one of the most unique photo-ops in Vancouver? Visit @Capsuspbridge in North Vancouver, where you can t… https://t.co/msL1KyHrmB

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Stay in Orgères, France as a #housesitter from Sept. 20, 2018 - Aug. 10, 2019. You'll get to know the home's cuddly… https://t.co/1cXXSz35SO

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CNN media bias: Over 26 hours dedicated to Rob Porter domestic abuse allegations in first two days of story breaki… https://t.co/ZxBoKIgQ7F

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Corporate apologies are by definition more irritating than if they simply said, “We did it, we got caught, we fixed… https://t.co/nZVarXb9OX

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Anyone that does that on my Instagram, regardless of what gender you are, gets a chair in their face. https://t.co/jgucroWqHt